There's nothing more powerful...a picture paints a thousand words!

March 1st , 2015
Our mission at Wild Oak Llamas is to breed exceptional llamas. To accomplish our goals, we are continuously researching bloodlines in order to find that perfect combination of beauty, conformation, fiber, presence and disposition.

By combining the best of both worlds, blending our strong Argentine bloodlines with our new Suri lines, we are striving to create the ultimate llama.
Whether you are a full pledge "Llamaholic" like us and desiring to add diversity to your current herd or you're just beginning your journey with these magical creatures, please feel free to contact us anytime with your inquiries &/or needs. 
 This website is updated monthly, if not more frequently, to bring you updated photos, events and information.
Guest are always welcome here. 

We love to share our obsession.

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We are proud members of :
  •   Cal-ILA        (California International Llama Association)
  •   LANA            (The Llama Association of North America)
  •   LFA                (Llama Futurity Association)
  •   ALSA             (Alpaca Llama Show Association)
  •   ALA               (Argentine Llama Aficionados)
  •   ILR                (International Lama Registry)
  •  ILR-SD         ( ILR  Show Division)
  •  LOWC            (Llamas of the Wine Country)