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Feb 28, 2018
                                    WOL  YUTONNA 
                                         Carvel X WOL Cleocatra's Dancer
                             DOB 9/14/2017/ ILR 290906/ALSA 1011565

If you want to add size and stretch into your herd along with
fiber coverage with high luster, take a good hard look at WOL Yutonna.
This young female is the definition of  POWER OF PEDIGREE! The
genetic power of this female's pedigree make her priceless in the
breeding barn, but she will also be a dream for anyone who wants to 
compete in the showring. Her Sire, Caravel is arguably the best son of his
sire Federale.  Who many would say is one of the best three sons of the 
famous El Fuerte.  This male will add size, stretch and color to any

Her Dam, is by RDL Prince Nikolai who has added EXTREME luster on
an incredible fleece to his offspring.  And WOL Cleocatra's Dancer is
out of none-other than the famous Cleocatra.  Cleocatra is quite possibly
the most recognized living female in our industry today. Cleocatra has
past on her extreme coverage, exotic look and excellent confirmation
to her daughter and granddaughter. 
WOL Yutonna is the best combination of all worlds. 
                         Don't stop bidding until you own her! 

On August 31, 2016 Wild Oak Llamas relocated from Grass Valley, Ca.

to an incredible 45 acre ranch in Bend Oregon. The llamas are just

loving the flat, green pastures.  27 of the acreage is designated Wild Life

Preserve which remains in it's natural state with old juniper trees and

native plant life. There are around a dozen or more deer that roam the

property along with coyotes, owls, hawks and hundreds of different birds.

We are really enjoying this new life style.

The weather here is quite different for all of us and we are slowly

getting acclimated to our new surroundings. The folks in Oregon are

delightful and very friendly and have welcomed us to their community.

Lots of fellow llama owners here and we are looking forward to be active

in the COLA organization. In fact, Mary is now a member of the COLA

Board of Directors as well as a member of the ILR-SD Halter committee.

Life is good.

Our mission at Wild Oak Llamas is to breed exceptional llamas. To accomplish our goals, we are continuously researching bloodlines in order to find that perfect combination of beauty, conformation, fiber, presence and disposition.

By combining the best of both worlds, blending our strong Argentine bloodlines with our Suri lines, we are striving to create the ultimate llama.
Whether you are a full pledge "Llamaholic" like us and desiring to add diversity to your current herd or you're just beginning your journey with these magical creatures, please feel free to contact us anytime with your inquiries &/or needs. 
 This website is updated monthly, if not more frequently, to bring you updated photos, events and information.
Guest are always welcome here, Please call first to make an appointment. 541-389-6135

We love to share our obsession.

We are proud members of :
  •  COLA            (Central Oregon Llama Association)
  •  Cal-ILA        (California International Llama Association)
  •  LANA            (The Llama Association of North America)
  •  LFA               (Llama Futurity Association)
  •  ALSA             (Alpaca Llama Show Association)
  •  ALA               (Argentine Llama Aficionados)
  •  ILR-SD         (ILR  Show Division)
  •  LOWC           (Llamas of the Wine Country) desolved in 2016
  •  Llama Fiber Cooperative of North America
Rick and Mary being honored at The March Llama Madness in Indiana 2015.
Ad creation by Ruby Turell who publishes the ALSA Showring Magazine
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Arieal view of property before we made changes