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This is a great site on the web that has information about great places to visit in the United States . They have each of the 50 states to choose from and then tons of ideas and suggestions to make the best use of your time.  Be sure to check it out before your travels to discover new and exciting places to visit.


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Llama Organizations
International Lama (Llama) Registry
Maintains an official genealogical registry and provides research services for owners of sub-species of the genus lama: llama, alpaca, guanaco, vicuna, and cross bred.


Alpaca and Llama Show Association
The purpose of ALSA is to promote Llamas and Alpacas by enhancing the visibility and demonstration the versatility of Lamas at shows.

California International Llama Association
Cal-ILA was formed in 1984 when a group of Northern California llama ranches/breeders saw the desperate need for education and research, as raining llamas was a new enterprise.

Cal-ILA is providing a variety of services for the llama community.  Articles of interest, Calendar of events, Show results, Internet newsletter, Llama news, Research projects, etc.  Cal-ILA is dedicated to providing programs and activities for our youth. It also has at least two Llama Shows each year, Memorial Day Weekend in Grass Valley, CA and the California State Fair Llama Show held in September at Cal-Expo Sacramento.


Llama Association of North America
National organization was founded in 1981.  LANA is a non-profit 501 (C) (5) agricultural organization. LANA focuses on Llama medical research, has an innovative Youth Program and holds an Expo each year with educational programs for adults and youth as well.  They have just taken over the Classic HOBO Show in 2009 as another venue support LANA and have fun showing our llamas with friends.


Llama Association of Southern California
Southern California based organization which also provides a variety of services for the llama community. Articles of Interest, calendar of evens and shows.

Llama Futurity Association

LFA Mission Statement: To act as a catalyst, independently Or in cooperation other llama organizations, to create leadership in developing and promoting llama futurity events.


Happy Hiker Llamas

Holly  Russell
Redmond ,Oregon

Halligan Ranch

Sherry Halligan & Diane Lyons
Redmond, Oregon

Icehouse Llamas

Eileen Ditsler 
San Dimas, CA

Merlene & Darrell Anderson
West Lafayette, Indiana

Four R Llama Ranch
Linda Rogers and Lisa Labendeira
Madera, CA

Happy Hiker Llamas
Holly  Russell
Redmond ,Oregon


Wil & Sherri Tallmon 
Estacada, Oregon

Chris, Venesa & Emily Carter
Rogersville, Mo


Cornell University
 Information Base for Poisonious Plants to Livestock

General Information on Llamas written by Vet Students

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Wilkins is the leading insurance agent for llama and alpaca insurance. They represent several of the top companies worldwide, enabling them to offer you the best possible protection at the lowest possible rates.

They also raise alpacas and llamas, so they can better understand your needs.   

       Check out their website.


We discovered shortly after starting our ranch, that our homeowners insurance would NOT cover any liabilities involving our llamas. For instance if a quest were to fall and get injured, we were not covered because we are a ranch and not a residence. We needed a ranch or farm policy. Someone told us about Global Insurance Alliance, Inc.  We called and spoke with Melissa Braun.  She was easy to work with and we now have full coverage for the ranch.  We recommend contacting her for any of your questions regarding farm or ranch insurance.

Our Friend & Professional Photographer
Xsight Photography

Gail DeMarco - Bolger
Sacramento, CA
Training and Herd Management
Gentle Spirit Behavior & Training Llama Clinics

Cathy Spalding
Olympia Washington

"Understanding Behavior is the key to training & herd management"
-----Cathy Spalding-----  
Since 1985

Cathy is unbelievable and we lovingly refer to her as the "Llama Whisperer".  If you have never attended or hosted one of her clinics, please put it on your
 Need-To -Do-List!!

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